For Older Kids (Ages Seven & Up)

Soaring Spirit
The spectacular Meccano Airship is a BRIO/Erector collaboration that comes complete with many separate pieces including articulated wooden wings, a 6v motor, wooden deck, working gears and an inflatable balloon for flight! For children eight and up, it speaks to something lofty within all of us, but is also something children can build as they sit beside a calm and patient parent. This hot product appears in many current toy catalogues and is selling out on You can find it now for $99 through

Crystal Cave Dome
After studying hanging window crystal websites, and considering a new product that makes rainbows dance on walls, this desk ornament got our attention and held it more than the others. For eight and ups, this promises to be more fun than a snow dome. You don't do anything more than stare into it. Stalactites dissolve into crystals until you turn the dome over and the stalactites regrow with time and temperature variation. Price is right at $15.

Yoga for Kids
Music for Little People features an assortment of yoga-related products this year including a Yoga Fitness tape (from Gaiam) for 7 to 12 year olds (item 8095, $31.98) that goes beyond the simple postures taught in the highly successful, original "YogaKids."

Singer and yoga instructor Jennifer Durant has created a "Yoga Garden" game that has one of the prettiest board designs we've ever seen. Land on a yoga space, try a pose! $19.95 plus shipping.

Skipping Stones Magazine
$35 for five issues. Now in its fourteenth year, Skipping Stones magazine for youngsters seven to seventeen and up is an award-winning multicultural resource that encourages ethical conduct and creativity while celebrating our planet's cultural and environmental riches. In every issue you'll find wonderful personal narratives, poems and photographs from children all over the world, as well as book reviews, folk tales and cartoons. Sample articles are provided on the web site.

Other magazines that make great gifts for kids include: Highlights ("Fun with purpose"), Ranger Ric (from the National Wildlife Federation), National Geographic for Kids, Ask (a science and arts magazine), Ladybug (ages 2-6), or the full range of wonderful Cobblestone magazines.

Heart-Warming Films and Shows of Yesteryear
Sure, you can buy a copy of "Spy Kids" at your local Blockbuster, but have you been found yourself wondering whatever happened to those influential, morally uplifting films of your childhood? Some gorgeous feature films like The Yearling, Song of Bernadette, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, and How Green was My Valley are not consistently found at your local video store. Been looking for the original Christmas Carol with British actor Alistair Simm, or Gary Cooper in Sargeant York? You name it, if it came out before 1970, Roger Hill's got it at Nothing's New Video. Additionally, he carries stellar vintage television programs like the debut of Gian Carlo Menotti's "Amahl and the Night Visitors" and numerous old Andy Griffith episodes. Email Roger now and he'll personally correspond with you, reproduce the film or program of your choice and send it to you for $18, including postage.

For more gift ideas for kids, check out these websites.