Your friends will change. This was one of the hardest pills for me to swallow. I was surprised how many friends I lost contact with from high school when I went off to college. While I developed friendships for a lifetime with some great people I met during college, given we all moved to different places post-graduation, it made seeing each other not impossible, but difficult. When I graduated and moved home, I just knew I would reestablish friendships with old friends and our relationships would be like they used to be. I had no idea how wrong I would be. During those college years, people change. They meet new people, end up on different paths and head in new directions. You may not reestablish the same friendships with those you left back home and that’s ok. Some of those friendships may end and it’s nothing to take personally. But you will establish new friendships. I am so grateful to have developed friendships not only at work, but outside of work with people who share similar interests that make the days a little easier. Trust this direction you are taking in life and that you will develop relationships with friends that support the path you’re on that make you happy in the process.