This report by Billy Hallowell of The Blaze details how Texas police are offering prostitutes a way out of their lifestyle. They're being given an opportunity to choose between incarceration or going to church ... jail or Jesus. Here is Hallowell's report:

Authorities in Dallas are grappling with prostitution by taking some uncommon measures. Rather than sending prostitutes directly to jail, officers are giving them a unique opportunity — to turn their lives around, get off of streets and begin a process of life-altering transformation.

To combat the illegal activity, which has apparently become quite pervasive, the Dallas Police Department launched the Prostitution Diversion Initiative (PDI) five years ago, a combined effort of police, social services and other local groups.

Dallas Police Department Offers Prostitutes Chance at New Life

Photo Credit: Dallas Police Department

Officers found themselves frustrated over the prospect of arresting the same women repeatedly, CBN News reports. So, they launched a solution — one that has been wildly successful in helping people escape cycles of criminal activity.

“It allows us to move the prostitutes from the wheel of going around in the criminal justice system on a regular basis to moving into a recovery mode,” explains Dallas Police Lt. Mike Coleman said. ”(We) realized we were not going to arrest our way out of this.”

How does it work, you ask? Rather than arresting women and holding them like criminals, authorities take a different, albiet, more controversial approach: They treat them like victims. On the surface, some may accuse police of being too soft on crime, but Coleman explains that this particular program allows for individuals engaging in prostitution to gain access to much-needed services that can help to stop criminal patterns.