Celebrity Baby Scoop recently had the chance to catch up with star parents – such as Lisa Ling, A.J. McLean, and Desperate Housewives alum Neal McDonough – and ask about their Halloween plans. Neal McDonough, father of four with one on the way, shared his family’s plans to go trick-or-treating. “Catherine is going to be a policewoman, because we need some order in the house. [laughs] Morgan is probably going to be a little pumpkin. Trick-or-treating is our favorite part about Halloween.”

Neal’s wife, Ruvé, also opened up about how she balances family life at home.

“It takes a village,” Ruvé admitted. ”My husband is the most amazing father in the world. The kids also help out a lot and are my little babysitters. I have a lot of love, nurturing, and discipline. It’s also all about having a schedule and routines. You have to make sure there is a bath at 6:15p.m., dinner at 5:30 p.m., and a martini at 8:30 p.m.” [laughs]

Our America host , mother to seven-month-old daughter Jett, talked about how her first year of motherhood is going.

“Jett has been so awesome,” Lisa shared. “I feel so blessed, because she is such a great baby. There are times where she is really tired and goes berserk, but, in all, she’s been a really good baby.”

Lisa also chatted about her plans for her first Halloween with Jett.

“I don’t know yet. My husband and I were just talking about what we are going to dress Jett up as. Let’s just put it this way…it won’t be anything sexy. [laughs] I live in Santa Monica and trick-or-treating is a big deal in that area. I will definitely take her out around the community and neighborhood.”

And what is she working on right now?

“I am working on my OWN series, Our America, and our fifth season is in the middle of production right now,” Lisa shared.

We also caught up with Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean about his plans for his daughter Ava’s first birthday party.

“We are probably going to throw an Alice in Wonderland mad tea party type of deal. I am not sure if I will be the Mad Hatter, but it will be fun!”

And what does he and his family have planned for Halloween?

“I am actually going to be home this year for Halloween, so we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do as a family,” A.J. shared. “We all call each other monkey, so we might be a family of monkeys. I also thought it would be cool if I was Mario, my wife was Princess Peach, and my daughter was Toad from the Mario Bros. [laughs] What I really want to do is be Jack, Sally, and Zero from the Nightmare Before Christmas. My wife is a hair stylist and a makeup artist, so she would hook us both up perfectly.”

A.J. also revealed his upcoming projects!

“Let’s see…we are starting our own clothing line and a jewelry line right now. That will be something new, and there is also a brand new drink product I am involved with called Exhale. It is the opposite of any kind of energy drink; it’s anti-stress and promotes mental focus. Aside from that, we are going to start touring, because it is the Backstreet Boys’ 20th anniversary. It’s a busy, busy year for us.”

Sons of Anarchy actor and father-of-one Kenny Johnson stopped by to chat about his family’s Halloween plans.

“We usually go to Park La Brea, because it’s very kid-friendly,” he said. “They get about two thousand people through there every year because it’s a gated community. We will also look for pumpkins and freaky-looking people! [laughs] My daughter wants to be Belle and I am going to be the Beast!”

He also talked about his upcoming projects.

“I just finished working on Dexter, and their final episode just aired, I did the last four episodes of that show.

I also just got back from working on Bates Motel up in Vancouver with Vera Farmiga, who was nominated for an Emmy Award this year. It’s such a great show! I worked on season two for that and it went really well.”