Interview: Allan Houston's Challenge to Dads
Retired pro basketball great Allan Houston talks about how he helps bring fathers and sons closer together.

'I Don't Want a Tie This Year'
Bob Perks shares what he really wants for Father's Day--a gift that won't cost a penny.

The Hero Figure
Marine Aaron Mankin, who was severely wounded in Iraq, talks about the fears and hopes he has for his baby daughter.

Showing Love, Spending Time
In 'Wisdom of Our Fathers,' newsman Tim Russert shares some responses he received to his first book on fatherhood. Interview by Michael Kress

My Father's Last Father's Day
My dad came from a different world, but he was always there for me, whether kneeling at Mass or working day in and day out. By John Zmirak

Both Sides Now
When my father died, I was overcome with guilt that I hadn't been with him. Then he came to me in a dream... By Bobbie Probstein

'I Sing for My Dad'
Though my father passed away, he is still very much alive in me. By Bob Perks

Forgiving Our Fathers
When a father and child are estranged, the pain can be deep. But sometimes it just takes just one person to take the first step. By Tim Russert

How to Be a Father They'll Fondly Remember
Six practical ways for fathers to leave their children legacies that matter.  By Tom Ehrich

Ten Tips for Soulful Fathering
The five 'p's' of fathering and other tips for spiritual dads. By Mimi Doe

How to Honor Your Father
Beyond greeting cards, neckties, and golf balls. By Rabbi Daniel Brenner

Confessions of a Golf-Addicted Dad
Islam teaches me to totally be there for my kids. But I've got this golf obsession. So what's a dad to do? By Hesham Hassaballa

We Need to Talk
Why are dads often silent when it comes to sharing their religious views with kids? By Jean Fitzpatrick
Poll: How did your father's faith influence your own?

God Is Fathering Us
In the absence of earthly fathers, we need to remember the perfect Father. By Donald Miller

(Our) Father Knows Best
When fathers have hurt us, it can be hard to trust our Heavenly Father. By Scott Hahn

Son of a Preacher Man
My father was a barnstorming evangelist. Could I pass down the faith without the fire and brimstone?
By David Kopp

The Difficulties of Being a Muslim Dad
Hesham Hassaballa on the financial and religious responsibilities of being a Muslim father.