Everyone likes to talk about how any goal is possible, and most of the time, that is true. There are, however, exceptions to that rule. If there were not, every first grade boy would grow up to be a sports star, millions of girls would be standing proudly on the moon and there would be no shortage of singers, actors, artists or royalty. Unfortunately, not all dreams are achievable.

That does not mean you have to abandon them entirely. You might not be able to become a Broadway superstar, but that does not mean you cannot be the lead singer in a local band or everyone’s favorite cantor. You do, however, need to be able to accept that your original goal simply is not achievable.

If you give up on a goal at the first sign of difficulty, you will never achieve anything. By the same token, if you continue striving to reach a goal that has become unhealthy, you will lose what matters most in pursuit of success. As such, when you begin to wonder if your goal is worth the sacrifices you are making to achieve it, you need to truly examine that question and answer it truthfully. You will regret giving up too soon if you are simply facing down a temporary setback or challenge, but at the same time, little is worse than sacrificing to achieve a goal only to find that you abandoned everything that mattered to reach it. Telling the two apart is not always easy, but for your own sake, you need to learn to identify which is which, and no one can do that but you.