As we come to November, the trees have lost their leaves and flowers have returned to the deep, dark soil to await spring. People born in the month of November also tend to be tucked away. They love their privacy and covet their secrets. November birthers tend to have only one or two close friends and many acquaintances. But there are only a few people who they let in. In love, they can be committed and loving provided they are given adequate space. They cannot partner with someone who is nagging or needy in any way. They excel in careers where they can be left to their own devices. They do well in careers of authority such as teaching, law enforcement, and the military. They can be driven when they’re passionate about something. They will work hard and are focused, determined people. Their challenge is learning to trust others and open their hearts to let more people in.


The month of many holidays is a time of celebration. People born during this time tend to be happy as well. They are kind, altruistic and loving. December birthers are close to their family but enjoy their independence. As young adults, they are the first to move away from home but will always return for visits and keep in close contact with their loved ones. They tend to form deep, long lasting bonds with friends. They can be wild and fun but are also serious and focused. “Work hard; play hard” is their motto. In love, they take their time to settle down but once they do, they are committed and focused on the long haul. They make dedicated parents and are excellent team players making them a good employee and boss. The challenge of the December birthdate is to learn how to slow down and smell the roses. They tend to drive themselves hard – even when they’re having fun. When they relax a bit with their natural competitive nature, they will realize that the journey, not the destination, is where all the fun is.

Many spiritual teachers believe we pick our birthdate before we’re born not because the month defines us but because we are here to learn how to grow into the attributes of that time. If you’re born in August, for example, part of your soul plan is to learn how to balance a driven work ethic. If you’re born in February, you’re here to learn how to navigate love, especially self-love. Each month has its attributes and challenges proving that life is about balance. Once we learn to accept the challenges and the blessings, we can truly embrace our spiritual path and life our soul purpose.