By the time it’s fully summer, we think of spending time with family. This is the season of picking blueberries and making strawberry jam. It ushers in the lazy days of summer where we travel to visit grandparents and reconnect with friends and family. People born in June are the mothers and fathers of their peers. They’re connected to family and make excellent parents. People feel comfortable telling them their life stories. June birthdates will often experience people confessing to them as others sense their nurturing energy. June birthers are natural entrepreneurs. They make excellent bosses and leaders. They’re hard working and often have a healthy work/life balance. Their challenge is to release their need to control situations. Because of their natural leadership abilities, they tend to feel that things will go well only if they’re controlling every aspect. June birthdates are often taken advantage of for their kind nature and have a tendency to fall into co-dependent relationships. For this reason, they’re also challenged with setting firm, healthy boundaries in their relationships. Just because they can do it all doesn’t mean they have to.


People born during the month of July are smart, spiritual, and independent. They have a love of nature and need to spend time alone outside in order to recharge their batteries. Their keen mind needs solitary pursuits so they can process deep thoughts. Their sensitive nature is easily overwhelmed by big thoughts of life and death. Their biggest challenge is learning to create a faith based life that makes spiritual and intellectual sense to them. They enjoy mysteries, puzzles and problem solving. Music helps them escape their overthinking mind. July birthdates are seekers. They must be seeking answers and puzzling out issues in their life to make sense of their purpose. They are original thinkers and need to accept their way of thinking and beliefs in order to find inner peace.


Those born during the month of August are hard-working, determined, and strong. They make excellent bosses and CEOs. August birth dates can be stubborn and tend to learn their lessons the hard way. For this reason, they can experience dramatic ups and downs in life. Their challenge is to learn how to overcome their workaholic nature and accept themselves as they are. They do not enjoy taking advice from others preferring instead to lead the way for themselves. Because of their hard work ethic, they can be very successful. August birth dates release stress through checking off to-do lists and exercising. They are honest people and demand honesty from those around them. The surest way to offend an August birth date is to lie. They can see right through it and will lose all respect and trust for the offending person. Life those born in January, August birthers can be very self-critical. Simply repeating the affirmation “I do enough. I have enough. I am enough” can be very helpful.


When we get to September, we see the ending of one season and the beginning of another. Similarly, those born in September are here to learn about transitions, change and transformation. They are spiritual and share a love of helping others. They are doers. They are the leaders of a group and only need to be shown how to do something one time, and then they are ready to work. Because of this, they need to be careful to find balance in their life. September birthers tend to give too much of themselves and need to learn how to ask for help. Their challenge is learning how to give back while also learning how to give and receive for themselves. September birth date are happiest when their job has meaning. If they feel their career is just for a paycheck, this will bring them much distress. Volunteering is a great way for a September birthdate to release stress and feel happy.


Just when we’re getting ready to celebrate fall and all things spooky, we come to October. People born during this month are mysterious, intuitive and creative. They share a love for the arts and have an appreciation for beauty. October birthdates enjoy their alone time but need time with friends and family just as much. It’s all about balance for these people. They need to give equal time to the dual sides of their nature. Having a beautiful home and lovely clothes is important for the Octobers. They are happiest when their work is adding beauty and creativity to the world. October birthdates make excellent designers, teachers, stylists, politicians, lawyers and entertainers. The challenge for the October birthdate is to learn how to let go of perfection. Many October borns will chase the illusion of perfection until they give up in frustration. As soon as they learn that perfection is far from perfect, they will find inner peace.