Souls come to this world at certain times for specific reasons. The time that we are born is significant astrologically as it tells us attributes we are born with and gives us clues about lessons we’re here to learn. Your birth month can tell you a lot about who you are and why you’re here.


People born in the first month enjoy being first. They are often competitive and make excellent leaders. January people enjoy their solitude. They tend to have two main challenges in life. January birthdates need to learn how to have a work/life balance. They are need to silence this inner critic. January birthdays are often open and accepting of others but can be incredibly critical of themselves. People born in January are happiest when they can work on their own. They make wonderful entrepreneurs. They tend to release stress through exercise and time spent alone.


The month of love is perfect for those born in February. If your birthdate falls here, you are loving, kind and gentle. You love being around friends and family. In love, you’re committed and devoted. Your main challenge is learning to overcome your sensitivity and see it as a gift not a weakness. It’s important for you to learn how to voice your needs before getting upset that they aren’t met. February birthdates need to learn how to communicate their needs and wants. Living a life of balance is important to them. Having a steady job, a committed relationship and a fairly routine schedule are important for you. February birthers tend to release stress by spending time with family. Because February is a time of winter and going within, studying esoterics and learning all you can about yourself, your intuition and your beliefs will be important to your happiness.


March can be an up and down month. One day it’s sunny, the birds are singing and we see the first shoots of spring flowers. But the next day it’s raining, overcast and all we can see is dirty, melted snow. People born in March can be a lot like this. One day, they feel on top of the world, the next they are moping about. March birthdates are kind, sensitive and very creative. When they want to, they can be very funny and entertaining. They can be the life of the party and excel at making connections, uplifting and counseling others. People born in March are here to learn how to harness their emotions and gain control over their pensive moods. March birthers often resist growing up and will give their power away too easily in order to feel protected and taken care of. Once they learn to accept responsibility for their life, their emotions and their feelings, they will find inner peace. People born in March release stress through creative pursuits. Laughing, journaling, cooking – anything creative – will help them release stress. They make excellent writers, entertainers, comedians, counselors and therapists.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers.” The time of April is a time of planting and preparing the soil for spring. Similarly, people born in April are grounded, practical people who live a life of balance. April birth dates also share a love of learning. They make excellent teachers. Having a home, a place to put down roots, is important to them. Maintaining a beautiful home is important to them. April birthers care about their appearance and their home not out of vain, egotistical reasons but out of a need for beauty, balance and continuity. Fours are happiest when they’re learning or teaching something new. Working on household projects is a great stress reliever. The challenge for those born is April is flexibility. Because they have this need for structure, they can be stubborn. People born in April never think they’re right; they know they’re right! Overcoming this bullish tendency helps them grow, open up and learn to see others’ points of view.


The month of May is a time of new beginnings. It’s the most popular month for weddings. Many take their first vacation of the year in May. It’s a time when everything is growing and blossoming. People feel abundant, happy and ready for anything in May. People born during this time are similarly filled with hope and optimism. May birthers are open to change, spontaneity and fun. They love change and tend to detest being chained to a desk. People born in May need a job that gives them flexibility over their schedule. They release stress easily by traveling and saying yes to spontaneous fun. They make excellent detectives as they always need to get to the heart of issues. People in May hate being kept in the dark. You can’t keep a secret from them. Their challenge is learning to accept their need for change and adventure while also working at a creating a life of stability. Fives will often avoid work in their effort to focus on fun, but once they learn to create a career that fulfills their need for change and flexibility, they will be at peace. People born in May make excellent travel agents, entertainers, detectives, police officers, lawyers and psychologists.