Open mindedness and courage are attributes which encourage creativity—the third benefit of coming to terms with uncertainty. Frankel writes that when musicians play improvised music, the areas of the brain that inhibit and self-monitor decrease in activity, while the areas that control self-expression increase. In essence, their brains are letting go of any sense of control in order to better create.

Creativity isn’t just for artists—it’s useful in every part of our lives. Everyone from teachers to scientists to businessmen can benefit from the ability to solve problems in new and unexpected ways. Creativity, in essence, is simply the ability to use imaginatively come up with original ideas, to break down your collective experiences into tiny bits and put them back together in wholly new shapes. Embracing uncertainty can give you this power.

A Brighter Future

When we reshape our expectations to frame uncertainty in a positive light, our lives improve. Not only do we gain the attributes we’ve talked about—courage, an open mind, and greater creativity—but we live life on our own terms. We’re no longer defined by what we fear. We’re defined by what we want.

Let uncertainty be your opportunity to unfold your wings for the first time. If you’ve found yourself thrust into a new situation, relationship, or new stage of life, embrace it. Love it. Realize its potential to help you grow.

See it for what it is—a gift.