Do you make choices to do what's right even though the choice may cost you? The prize of greater wisdom, inner strength, and real interior freedom always goes to those who are willing to walk into what frightens them most. Are you willing to face your fears—whatever they may be?

Everyday events presents a unique opportunity to take a conscious risk. As you'll learn by taking the following quiz, even the most common occurrences have secret bridges to new self-wisdom and greater inner strength.

Answer the following questions as honestly as you possibly can. Select the letter for the best answer, then find your score when you’ve answered all ten questions.

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Someone expects you to do a favor for them:


There's a lull in the conversation at a dinner party:


Someone takes you to task for something you said or did:


You don't understand what someone is talking about:


You have a rotten day at work:


You have the chance to apply for a job that you've always wanted:


You need to return a broken item to the customer service counter:


You have to decide whether or not to take action on some plan:


Your life isn't going the way you'd like it to:


You have a presentation to make before a group:

Your result is:
Restricted by Fear!

Your usual reaction to any negative emotion is to avoid the condition or person you think is responsible for the fear. The moment of real conscious risk always feels like a tunnel with no light at the end. However, each time you choose to walk through an unwanted moment, that tunnel turns into a bridge spanning the space between your past, fearful life and your new fearless one. Start risking it!

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Your result is:
On Your Way to a Fearless Life!
You’re aware of your self-defeating choices, but some fearful thoughts and feelings remain that compromise your best interests. Allow the light of your awakening awareness to help you keep growing until you can never be deceived again. Follow your wish to be free and lead a fully fearless life!
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Your result is:
Facing Your Fears!
You've already discovered that real self-growth is connected to the risks you are willing to take. You've learned to face your fears willingly because you've discovered that who you really are has nothing to fear. Persist. There is always something higher to learn!
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