Numerology is an ancient system of belief that shows us how numbers vibrate to energy. Each number in our birth date vibrates to a different energy; this energy helps create our persona. Numerology teaches us that the numbers 1 – 9 have specific characteristics that have negative and positive connotations. Pythagoras taught us that the world is mathematically created and expresses itself through numbers. He believed the single digit numbers represent the nine cycles of life. In numerology every number is reduced to a single digit number. For example, 23 is reduced to 5 or 187 is reduced to 7.

When you add up all the numbers in your birth date and reduce it to a single digit, this is called your Life Path and represents your destiny and what you’re here to learn, do and create. To find your life path number, add your birth month + your birth day + your birth year and reduce to a single digit. For example, if you were born on May 15, 1980, you would add 5 + 5 + 9 = 19. Reduce to a single digit and you’re a one life path. The Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 should never be reduced. All other numbers are reduced to single digits. So give it a try. Add up the numbers in your birth date and see what your life path reveals about your destiny.

The One Life Path

One is the first number which means that your one energy is original, innovative and forward thinking. One life paths are independent, self-motivated and ambitious. When a one life path sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it. Ones are winners, leaders, trendsetters and power brokers. You would make a great entrepreneur, boss, project leader, inventor, politician, lawyer, and athlete. In love, you know exactly what you want and are drawn to people who are powerful, deeply aware but not over-talkative. Your success will depend on your courage to think freely. You mustn’t worry about what others think. You are a born leader and you are here to innovate new things. The challenge for the one Life Path is to avoid self-criticism. Ones tend to be very hard on themselves and will often create their own blocks to success. But once a one accepts they’re here for big things, there’s no stopping a one!

The Two Life Path

Two energy is all about love, harmony and peace. The number two represents balance and cooperation. Twos hate conflict and will often put up with a lot just to avoid a fight. In relationships, twos are loyal and committed. Twos are about duality. Think of yin/yang, yes/no, up/down, true/false. On the one hand, twos are loving, compassionate and generous. But they can also be sensitive, moody, passive aggressive, and resentful. Twos can be very sensitive and will withdraw from people if they get their feelings hurt. It’s important for two energy to learn to love and take care of themselves first. It’s also an indicator of psychic ability and an interest in all things paranormal. In tarot the number two card is the High Priestess, a card that indicates esoteric wisdom and intuition. So take time to explore this side of yourself because you have the skills within you.

The Three Life Path

Three is the number of creativity and communication. Threes love to talk and enjoy being the center of attention. In addition to making great writers, actors, performers and comedians, threes also make wonderful counselors. Friends, even strangers, feel comfortable “confessing” to you. Some threes have the Peter Pan Syndrome and may need some help leaving the nest so to speak. Threes need to watch out for a tendency to rely on others too much and can engage in co-dependent relationships. But as long as you practice setting healthy boundaries, this will never be a problem for you. Threes need to learn to pick one of their many talents and focus on that for a time as they tend to scatter their energies chasing too many dreams. There’s a Swedish proverb that says, “The man who chases two rabbits catches none.” Your destiny is to make people smile, to entertain and enlighten others and to shed light where before only darkness lived.

The Four Life Path

Fours are the teachers of the other numbers. They represent balance, commitment and education. Fours need serenity, a home and a solid relationship. You probably have a beautiful home and even a sacred space or special room that reflects your personality. You’re a gracious host with a talent for making people feel welcome. Fours like organization and structure. If a four's home is disorganized, it’s a sure sign that all is not well in their world. In relationships, fours are devoted to their partners. fours can be stubborn, opinionated and fixed in their beliefs. They can also be perfectionists which can manifest as procrastination. Fours are dreamers and need to be careful not to avoid their work.