Offer tuition reimbursement.

To attract top talent and keep them, offer people tuition reimbursement. By offering this, the business can benefit from new skills and resources. If paying a full tuition is not plausible, offer a program to pay for workshops or for employees to become certified in certain computer software, social media, or anything that relates to the job. It is good to invest in the people that have proven themselves to be reliable and good employees.

Not all the suggestions work for everyone and all companies. However, by being invested in your people, you can protect the organization from common problems. By creating a healthy work environment, monitoring potential toxic people, and fostering open communication an organization can flourish. Without solid people the product or the vision of the business owner would falter. Every company is different when it comes to a harmonious work environment, but be assured if the time is taken to care of employees, they will in turn protect the business, and make it a success.