When Susan met her husband for the first time, she had a clear vision of their future wedding. When Mark walked into work one day, he had a vision of a cloud over his boss’ chest. His boss was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks later. When Sasha was gardening in her yard, she had a vision of a Labrador retriever running toward her. A few days later, a lost lab ran into Sasha’s yard. If you’ve had a vision like one of these examples, pay attention to them. Sometimes they’re symbolic. For example, Susan kept seeing a shadow around her friend Amy. When she talked to Amy about it, her friend began crying and told her that she’d been fighting depression.

How does this happen and what does it mean? We are all connected. The light force of energy that runs through you also runs through me and everyone else walking on this planet. Like a spider web, the ripple effects of energy can spread far. People who are open to receiving this energy are more susceptible to having premonitions and visions. If you’d like to increase your likelihood of having an intuitive experience, keep your heart open, connect to a source of spirituality and take time every day to tune in and listen to the heart beat of the world around you.