Success Strategy #5 – Leverage you Impact

If your job is to dig ditches your impact is measured by the depth and length of the ditch you dig each day. The good news is that as we progress in live, we will be paid less for what we do, and more for what we influence others to do. The key to success is leverage.

A pop star is not paid once for singing a song, they are paid royalties on every time that recorded song is played. The coder who writes an app, gets paid every time it’s downloaded or subscribed to. Leaders leverage, every time they develop a member of their team, or coach them to leverage their team.

Successful people are always looking for the leverage, whether that is with finance or information.

Of course there are other strategies for success, but the purpose of this article is to encourage you to look beyond academic qualifications when you are thinking about being successful. Most effective leaders would rather hire for attitude and train the skills, rather than hire on skill and get stuck with the attitude.

So whether you are assessing yourself or considering a candidate, take a moment to ask questions and observe whether there is; ownership, listening, confidence, action and leverage.