There will come a time when we will move into our heavenly homes and will be assisted by angels. They are with us in this transition. The primary Scripture teaching on this come from Christ Himself. In describing the beggar Lazarus in Luke 16, Jesus said, “So it was that the beggar died and was carried by angels to Abraham’s bosom,” referring to Heaven. Notice here that Lazarus wasn’t merely escorted to heaven. Angels carried him there. Why would angels provide this service at the time of our deaths? Because angels are commissioned by God to care for His children. Though we don’t see them, our lives are surrounded by angels and they are here to assist us in our times of need, including death.

God loves us so much that He sends His angels to guard, guide and protect us through various stages of our life. Although we may not immediately know or see that angels are around us, they are there at God’s direction and working to assist us in this live and the next.