Bible PassageThree women start
for the tombLuke 23:55-24:1They discover that an angel
has rolled the stone away 24:2-9, Matthew 28:2Mary Magdalene goes
to tell the disciplesJohn 20:1, 2Mary, the mother of James,
sees two angelsMatthew 28:3-5Peter and John run
to the tomb and look inJohn 20:3-9Mary Magdalene returns,

sees angels and JesusJohn 20:10-18Mary, the mother of James,
returns with othersLuke 24:1-4Only the women see
the angelsLuke 24:5; Mark 16:5The angel gives the
message that Jesus is risenMatthew 28:6-8The women meet Jesus
as they leaveMatthew 28:9, 10