I've also seen a lot of people heal their lives. One woman told me she had had this big split with her family; they hadn't spoken for years and she simply asked Archangel Michael to help heal that. She ended up having a complete reconciliation with her family and even more, she said her family changed before her very eyes and became more accessible. In truth, she said, she probably changed too. As a psychotherapist, I would have worked months to help people, but I've seen angels help in minutes.

How do you feel about the fact that you make money helping others connect with angels?

There's an old thought that people who are doing spiritual work shouldn't make money or should make minimum money. But, what I find is that people who make a lot of money, who are truly on a spiritual path, are actually the people who have donated the most to charities and are really helping on a big scale. I write really, really big checks to the charities I support. If we could lose that old-time belief, then we could have really pure-minded spiritual people owning radio stations, television stations, and big newspapers. People who are spiritual teachers and healers are kept impoverished; they are also kept from helping as many people as they can, in my mind.

What's your favorite prayer?

This is called the Lightworker's Prayer, from my book, The Lightworker's Way. It really helps me to reconnect and re-center.

Doreen Virtue's Favorite Prayer
I choose to stay centered in the awareness of love, God, and my true self. In the center, like the eye of a hurricane, all is tranquil, safe, and peaceful. My power, wisdom, and peace come from staying in the center and I ask for spiritual support from God and the angels to keep my mind aligned with truth. I now willingly detach from the material world knowing that by so doing, I can effectively help others. I trust God to provide my every need and I allow God's omnipotent wisdom to direct me in all ways. I accept a steady diet of love and joy, knowing that I deserve happiness and health. I willingly and lovingly release all ego judgments about myself and other people, knowing that everything I want comes from my decision to experience the wonders of all life. I know I am meant to be a healer and a teacher for God, and I now accept my mission fully without delay or reservation. I surrender all behaviors that will block me from hearing my inner voice, and I happily trust my inner guide to lead me along this way where I joyfully serve as an instrument of love. I release any doubts or fears I might have about fulfilling my divine mission, and I now commit to staying aware of my inner voice for God. I know that this is the only tool I will ever need for my own healing and the healing of the world. Amen.