Beliefnet Spiritual Travel - Pilgrimages for the Seeking Soul

Beliefnet Spiritual Travel - Pilgrimages for the Seeking Soul

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A Celtic Piligrimage to Sacred Ireland
Experience the beauty and mystery of the Emerald Isle in an illuminating journey to Ireland's sacred sites. Join renowned Celtic Spirituality experts in exploring the country's rich spiritual traditions. Tour majestic cathedrals
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and megalithic tombs, take a pilgrim's walk through a monastic city, climb windswept shrines to ancient Celtic goddesses, and meet people living the Celtic way today. Our group's 'road less traveled' itinerary will be enhanced by inspirational lectures, meditations, music, and more.

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A Spiritual Journey to Mystical Spain
Explore the sacred and mystical traditions of Christianity, Judaism,
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and Islam in a unique combination of travel, practice, and study, with spiritual guides Father David Denny and Sheikh Kabir Helminski.
   Spain, known for its vibrant art and lively culture, also claims a rich spiritual life and history of religious tradition and remains a deeply inspiring place for those who seek reflection on the sacred. Our trip to Spain will offer a chance to look at the mystical teachings and sacred stories of the many Spanish spiritual traditions.

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A Spiritual Pilgrimage to Bhutan
Nestled deep in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and isolated places on earth, with a rich Buddhist heritage that dates back to the 7th century. Bhutan's natural beauty
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and serenity -- from lush tropical valleys to snow-capped peaks -- is matched by an extraordinary cultural and spiritual purity found nowhere else in the world. Join Buddhist teacher Larry Mermelstein on a spiritual journey through the last Himalayan Buddhist kingdom.

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