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"I also am a nicotine addict, and have been struggling with letting go of my addiction and giving it to God REALLY giving it to God..."

"I have lost 46 pounds in 7 months and I am a bit bored with my routine and am looking for a change to keep me motivated."
Interested in Yoga, Health, Cancer, Weight loss, Sports

"His hobbies include taking, care of my wife who has degenerative dementia."
Interested in Health, Caregiving

"I love researching alternative medicine, health and healing."

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Kathy Smiths Spiritual Walking
A place to check in and log your activities and thoughts.
How to Stress Less
Lets release, relax, and kick stress to the curb!

Depression Support Gameland
Offering temporary relief from the (sometimes) stronghold of depression.
Gratitude Circle
Connect with each other in a place for sharing stories, photos, and videos.

Foods to Feed the Soul
Lets share the foods that really nourish our spirits.

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Holistic Spirituality
Top Health Features
The Spirit of Weight Loss with Norris Chumley
Beyond Blue with Therese Borchard

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Weight Loss Journey
"I feel as though the scale is starting to cooperate."

My Mom
"I am my mothers caregiver and usually I am up all times of the night with her..."
from jmp47

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