Spiritual Healing, Healing, Healing Prayers, Holistic Healing

Spiritual Healing, Healing, Healing Prayers, Holistic Healing

Spiritual Healing

Beliefnet, the largest spirituality website, covers matters of faith and well-being for people of all religious traditions. Because the experiences of mind, body, and spirit are often profoundly linked, exploring these connections is an important part of our Health and Healing coverage. When faced with challenges to our physical or mental well-being, we often turn to spirituality for comfort and strength -- from prayer and seeking support in houses of worship to practicing yoga and meditation. Faith and spiritual practice can help us cope with illness and emotional difficulties, and some believe they can have a powerful effect on our ability to heal.

For those interested in the connections between spirituality and health, Beliefnet offers a variety of features:


Can Religion Affect Your Health?

How practices like prayer and attending church can affect our mental and physical well-being.

Spirituality and Healing

The relationship between spiritual practice and health has a long history.

Why I Believe Prayer Heals

A cancer survivor writes about the power of prayer.

Discussions: Mind, Body, Spirit

Talk with other Beliefnet members about how mind, body, and spirit are related. Topics include reiki, homeopathy, alternative medicine, and more.


Tuning In to Subtle Energy

How the life-force, or chi, can affect your mind and your body.

Energy Healing

From acupuncture to therapeutic touch, explore ways to balance your chi.

Ways to Balance Your Chi

From acupunture to chi gong to reiki, a guide to subtle energy healing practices.

What Is Reiki?

An explanation of this hands-on-healing practice.

Listening to Pain

Judith Orloff on how to use intuition to relieve pain.


A Holistic Approach to Depression

Twelve steps to healing.

Pastoral Counseling

Find out whether this combination of spirituality and psychotherapy is right for you.