Christian Dating

Christian Dating

Christian Dating

Welcome to Beliefnet's Christian dating section. Beliefnet is the leading website covering religion and spirituality. We offer relationships advice and articles from a Christian perspective, including features on Jesus as a role model for singles, chastity and sexual decision-making, what the Bible says about dating and relationships, how to find the right Christian partner, and God's role in your dating life. Our Christian dating offerings include:
  • Christian dating advice from leading relationship experts
  • Suggestions for improving your dating life and moving toward marriage
  • Tips for Christian singles on finding dates
  • Soulmatch, a unique site for singles interested in a Christian dating service
  • and much more
Please explore our Christian dating offerings below.


Search for a Christian Partner

Post your profile and search for someone special on Beliefnet's values-based dating service, Soulmatch. We offer unique profile tools and searching methods for single Christian members.


Don't Wait for God to Bring You a Date

Don't wait for the right one to fall into your lap. Dating expert Henry Cloud offers some steps to take on your own to improve your dating life.

Advice from Christian Minister Renita Weems

Renita Weems answers your questions about relationships, marriage, self-esteem, career, spirituality, and opportunities for change.

Are We Unequally Yoked?

A reader asks, "My boyfriend isn't as strong a Christian as I am. Will he hold me back?"


How Churches Have Failed Singles

Many Christians are enduring protracted singlehood because of mixed messages from their church.

Jesus as a Single Role Model

A Christian dating writer explores single role models in the Bible.

Quiz: Are You Comfortable Being Single?

Take the quiz to find out!