America's New Evangelists

America's New Evangelists

Which evangelist should carry on Billy Graham's legacy?
Franklin Graham
Anne Graham Lotz
T.D. Jakes
Max Lucado
Joyce Meyer
Joel Osteen
Luis Palau
Rick Warren
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The Man With the Purpose
How Rick Warren's best-selling book saved a hostage's life is just one part of the book's lore.
By Deborah Caldwell

Trash the Self-Help Books: Your Life Is Not About You
You won't discover your life's meaning by looking within you. You were made for God, not vice versa.
By Rick Warren

Evangelicals Embrace New Global Priorities
Rick Warren and other top leaders want to broaden the focus from culture-war 'family issues' to helping the world's poor.
By Holly Lebowitz Rossi

The ONE Campaign: An Advocacy Letter From Rick Warren
Read the letter, signed by high-profile evangelicals, challenging Pres. Bush to change U.S. policy toward the poor.

Franklin Graham's Crusade
He's become the most outspoken and significant leader of a movement of Christian conservatives directly attacking Islam.
By Deborah Caldwell

Pray in the Name?
Invoking Jesus' name at the 2001 presidential inauguration should not have been so controversial.
By Franklin Graham

'A Deliberate Attack Against the Name of Jesus Christ'
Franklin Graham on America as a Christian nation, his father, Islam, and how he prays.
Interview by Deborah Caldwell

'Poised and Ready'
Franklin Graham once called Islam 'wicked,' but now he's ready to bring humanitarian aid to Muslims in Iraq.
By Deborah Caldwell

Why Did Lazarus Have to Die?
Anne Graham Lotz talks about her book, 'Why?' a meditation on Lazarus and suffering.
Interview by Paul O'Donnell

A Home in Heaven
An excerpt from 'Heaven: My Father's House.'
By Anne Graham Lotz

Paradise Lotz
Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, on loss, heaven and how to get there.
By Anne Graham Lotz

Why T.D. Jakes Stays Christian
The mega-preacher discusses his favorite Christian, his annoyance with politics, and even recites his favorite Psalm.
Interview by Deborah Caldwell

Serving His Generation
T.D. Jakes talks about his role as the 'black Billy Graham,' his reaction to the war in Iraq, and Osama bin Laden.
Interview by Deborah Caldwell

Surviving the Seasons of Life
Keep the family and friend door open in the summer so when winter comes you can enjoy your family and embrace your wife.
By T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes Extends His Reach
But some critics fault his posh lifestyle.
By Berta Delgado of The Dallas Morning News

Max Lucado's Wayward Days
America's favorite Christian author talks about his relationships with alcohol, celebrity, and God.
Interview by Deborah Caldwell

Do It Again, Lord
A September 11th Prayer
By Max Lucado

Red State Values, Blue State Values
Christian author Max Lucado compares the values of both kinds of Christians and talks about how to heal the nation.
Interview by Deborah Caldwell

Words for Weary Mothers
Repeat these words after me: It is not my job to run the world.
By Max Lucado

'You're Responsible for Your Own Joy': An Interview with Joyce Meyer
'I was a Christian for a long time before I knew that my own thoughts were causing me problems,' says the televangelist.
Interview by Laura Sheahen

The Worry Antidote
We can "fear" things into existence. But knowing that God loves us unconditionally can deliver us from tormenting worry.
By Joyce Meyer

'Expect God's Favor': An Interview with Joel Osteen
A rising young televangelist says that by expecting the best, we can enjoy the abundant life God wants for us.
Interview by Laura Sheahen

Step Up to God's Banquet Table
God wants his children to prosper--spiritually, physically, and materially.
By Joel Osteen

Finding Capital-H Happiness: An Interview With Luis Palau
Who needs the good life when you're working towards God's best?
Interview by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Party Hearty
Luis Palau festivals have created a new model for evangelism.
By Judith Cebula of the Religion News Service