When you work out your own faith in this way, it will be more deeply held, sincere, and lived out than the faith of someone who has never stopped to consider why they believe what they believe. Even if, in the end, you do choose the same religion that was handed down to you, you’ll come into what might be called a second faith—a stronger, better version of your first.

But keep in mind that this journey never ends. The habit of being aware of, and thinking through, your beliefs should last a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to question—a good belief system will withstand such thought.

Know, also, that you will never have all the answers. Some things, we simply cannot know for sure, and the knowledge of what we do not know is the beginnings of wisdom.

But that is the great mystery of it! Faith gives us a window into the exciting unknown, giving us hope of something more beautiful, more perfect, more real, than what we know.

All of us, as C.S. Lewis wrote, have in us a desire that nothing of this world can satisfy. The only explanation, perhaps, is that we were made for another world than this.

Know thyself.