"Reiki requires more mental or spiritual input from the client than with other therapies."

So how can you find a Reiki therapist? For the most part, you can skip the Yellow Pages. Most Reiki therapists advertise in New Age publications or can be found through holistic health centers. And many wellness and yoga centers are also starting to offer Reiki or will post flyers from local Reiki therapists.

Shopping for a Reiki healer is much the same as looking for any other product or service. For example, you should know that a reputable Reiki therapist will have trained under the guidance of a Reiki master and possess both theoretical knowledge and the experience that comes from many hours of case studies. A therapist should not claim to diagnose or treat illnesses, but rather should aim to re-energize the body so it heals itself.

As with any healing practitioner, you should be comfortable with the Reiki therapist, says Ward. "You should never turn yourself over wholeheartedly without taking your own intuition into account," she says.