I am a:


For me, devotionals are a way to:


I prefer:


I believe the best time for reading devotional literature is:


I spend the following amount of time each day on devotionals:


I find my greatest spiritual fulfillment in:


When looking for a devotional, I search for:


When using a devotional, I get the most out of:


I change my devotional literature every:


The last devotional I used was:


I believe devotional literature is an important part of spiritual growth:

Your result is:
The Starter Kit
Sure you've heard of devotionals (you’ve got friends that swear by them), but you've never taken time to consider how devotionals could improve your spiritual journey. Fortunately, it's never too late to start the devotional process. Check out Rick Warren's best-selling book, "Purpose Driven Life" which will set you on the course to discovering God's will for your life or Joel Osteen's life-maximizing book, "Your Best Life Now." If you prefer inspirational stories, check out dip into "Guideposts," an annual collection of inspirational stories by writers across the country.
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Not Bound by the Book
You know that devotionals are edifying, soul-strengthening, and encouraging, but you aren't sold on books traditionally classified as devotionals. You thirst for something more than “Streams in the Desert.” Try "A Year with C.S. Lewis" which is a compilation of his best fiction and non-fiction writings. Or if you find religious meaning in pop-culture, "Taming a Liger" inspired by the spiritual lessons of "Napoleon Dynamite," would be perfect for you.
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Already Booked
You have an active lifestyle, be it hauling the kids to soccer practice, keeping tabs on the office via your BlackBerry or doing your household chores, so making time for devotionals isn't always easy for you. Nevertheless, you would still like to spend a moment or two with God when time permits. Devotionals that aren't tied to a specific daily schedule would be perfect for you. "Coffee Break Devotionals" provides a delicious sip of God when you’re on the run by providing "energizing scriptures" and "stirring quotes" that will recharge you during the day. If you prefer spiritual carbs to caffeine, check out "Our Daily Bread," a bite-sized collection of inspiring stories, quotations and powerful Scriptural passages.
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Devoted to Devotionals
Regardless of how busy you are, you insist on setting aside quality time for devotionals. Your favorites are classics such as Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest" and L.B. Cowman's "Streams in the Desert" which are perennial favorites from which you can learn something new in every reading. If those favorites are a bit too tried and true for you, check out Henry and Richard Blackaby's "Experiencing God" or A.W. Tozer's "Renewed Day by Day".
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