The worst kind of suffering is that which seems absolutely meaningless. But we have to remember one thing: we live in a fallen world. The very first humans God created decided that, rather than staying beneath God’s 24-hour protection, they wanted to self-rule. So God granted that request, and unfortunate as it is, the hazardous, random world we live in today is a result of that.

When God doesn’t heal you, or someone you love, it isn’t necessarily because you aren’t faithful enough. It’s certainly not because He doesn’t care about or love you. It’s because He sees the big picture, acting and not acting in ways that ensure our eventual, global good, despite the fact that we live in a harsh world.

Never stop praying for healing, but don’t lose faith in God’s sovereignty if that healing doesn’t come in the form you’d like.

A Message to the World

God changes us when we pray—the very act of admitting that His will is best, and of asking for it to be done helps us cultivate a positive, transformative mindset. If you desire healing, don’t hesitate to ask God for what you need, using the Lord’s Prayer to guide your thoughts and words.

God will answer, and even if that answer isn’t quite what you imagined, you’ll be the better for it. God loves you, and has wonderful things in store for you in this life, and the next.