Siegel recalls: “Phyllis told them: “I decided to live to be a hundred and leave my troubles to God.” Siegel continues: “I could really end the book here, because this peace of mind can heal anything. I believe faith is the essence, a simple solution, yet too hard for most people to practice.”

The authentic Jewish approach to health is based on the idea that people are far more than just bodies, and that true health depends on us having:

  • A healthy soul (ie, a strong, vibrant connection to God);
  • A healthy mind and emotional state (ie, we’re constantly working to uproot our negative beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours); and
  • A health body (ie, we exercise regularly, we eat more cucumbers and carrots, and we cut down on the Twinkies).

And while it may sound strange to those of us raised with the Western model of medical care, this holistic, three-pronged approach to health is truly what the (Jewish) doctor ordered…