SB: But do you think it's a steppingstone to your other goal of having a family?

LV: Sure.

SB: That posing for Playboy could be a steppingstone to having a happy family life?

LV: Yeah. I don't see why not. I mean, if I meet someone through Playboy.

SB: So it could be a way of meeting a future husband.

LV: Right.

SB: But would you want to marry a man who meets you--

LV: Through Playboy?

SB: Yes--would you want to marry the kind of guy who would meet you through Playboy?

LV: I don't know. I'm really learning. I'm exploring that right now. A lot of people, you know, e-mail me. I've had people send me letters, "I'm a Jewish doctor and I graduated with this degree from Yale." Or, "My son, my Jewish son, one goes to Princeton and the other goes to Stanford. And you know, they're Jewish and single." It's so funny, the e-mails and the mail that I get from Jewish men who would love to date me. "Meet me in Pittsburgh, we'll go to a game, we'll go out to dinner."

SB: Aren't you suspicious of these?

LV: Yes. I mean, I've replied to them, "Thank you very much for the offer. Thanks for taking the time to tell me how beautiful I looked in my layout, thanks for your support, you know." But you can't date someone because they like the way I look. They have no clue about who I am.

SB: Well, if you had a choice between marrying a Time Magazine reader and a Playboy reader, which would you choose?

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LV: I mean, that's like saying, well, are you going to choose Miss November or Miss October?

SB: No, I mean, if you choose between a man who, let's say, will meet you through Playboy or someone who might respect not just your body and be attracted to it but, let's say, someone who would respect more of your mind, your heart, your goodness, or your connection to your family, your devotion to tradition, what would you prefer?

LV: Obviously, not someone who is going to look only at my body and not be interested in anything else about me.

SB: So therefore, you agree with me, that posing for Playboy probably is not a great steppingstone to marriage? Because that's not what you want...

LV: I have to, you know, even that out. Some people I find just want to be my friend, especially on campus, guys that want to be my friend because I was in Playboy. And I try to talk to them and get [them] to know me. And then they're kind of like, wow, you're really cool..."I'm not a stereotype"

SB: So in other words, you have to break the stereotype that people have of a Playboy Playmate, is that right?

LV: Yes.

SB: In other words, the stereotype is that--and correct me if I'm wrong--the stereotype is that a Playboy Playmate, a woman who is prepared to pose nude, is probably maybe a bit promiscuous, you know, a good-time party girl, and you have to show them, no, I'm a serious student, I'm not what you think. It was just posing and that's all.

LV: Right. I have to do that all the time. I'm constantly defending myself. But I think that's a good thing, because I want people to know that I'm not a stereotype. You know, don't stereotype me that I'm not intelligent or that I am promiscuous or all I do is party or, you know, I don't have any goals or aspirations of my own because, I mean, I do.