LV: Um hmm [agreeing].

SB: And sometimes you go more often?

LV: Right. Sometimes my mom and I will spend time together and we'll go. We have a pretty good relationship with our rabbi. And I know when I get home that I'll go see him.Nervous about talking to her rabbiSB: How does your rabbi feel about the pictures in the centerfold?

LV: That's why I want to go see him when I come home for Thanksgiving, because I haven't spoken to him. I was home for Yom Kippur services, but we have such a large congregation that there was really no time to speak with him after services. I did talk to some of the ladies in my congregation. The rabbi was the one to tell them [about me being Playmate] because they came to me when I was outside. I was getting a drink of water. And they said to me, you know, the rabbi told us that you were in Playboy. Congratulations. I was, like, really nervous. I'm going, what does he think? Does he hate me? Is he mad at me? What are his views on it? And they were just, "Oh, he seemed really happy when he told all of us." So when I go home, I plan on speaking with him and asking him, because I do want to know what he thinks.

SB: And you're close enough to him to speak to him without inhibition about this?

LV: Yeah. I mean, I don't feel uncomfortable talking to him about it. I mean, he's really down to earth.

SB: How would you feel if he had seen the pictures before he spoke to you? If he were a reader of Playboy, would you feel that that's not something that rabbis should be doing?

LV: No, I mean, that's--for each their own. I did Playboy because I didn't think--I mean, yeah, I thought about my religion, but it was for me and I didn't feel like I was doing something wrong.

SB: If you knew the rabbi had seen the pictures, if you knew that he was a reader of Playboy, would you feel that that’s inappropriate for a rabbi or that it’s perfectly okay for a rabbi?

LV: I guess I would think it was okay. I mean, I'm involved in the magazine myself so I don't--

SB: But you're not a rabbi.

LV: No, I'm not. But it doesn't bother me that he would read it.

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SB: What about if you heard that very religious people read Playboy? Would you feel that looking at naked women was consistent with their religious convictions? yourself, you're an Orthodox rabbi. Like when I think Orthodox, that's extremely religious. I would never think of an Orthodox rabbi should read Playboy. Just because they are so religious.

SB: Right. But your rabbi, who is not Orthodox, you think he might read it?

LV: Yeah, I think -- or he might pick it up just because he knows me.