Reform Judaism Approves Same-Sex Unions
Read the resolution approved by the movement's rabbinic body

Consequences Unclear
Reform Judaism's gay marriage can be a success, like feminism, or a failure, like patrilineal descent

by Samuel G. Freedman

A Historic Day
A blessing to have taken part in a groundbreaking decision

by Jane Rachel Litman

A Sad Day for Judaism
OKing gay marriage ignores Jewish law and will divide Judaism

by Elliott Abrams

In the Bedroom With Bukiet
The author of 'Neurotica' explains why a nice Jewish boy would compile an anthology of Jewish erotica

by Lisa Keys

Let My People Go To Work
With three kids in Jewish day school, how come I can't restart my career?

by Sharon Silow-Carroll

Remembering Rabin
Less than a week after Camp David peace talks collapse, a trip to the fallen Israeli leader's grave takes on added significance

by Michael Kress

Living Wired, Losing Our Grip
An ultra-Orthodox rabbi--and head of a Jewish website--clarifies and defends a rabbinic ban on personal Internet use

by Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Taking a Chance on Love
Rabbis cash in on the Vegas weddings boom, with not too many questions asked

By Jaap van Wesel

Teach Your (Jewish) Children Well
Jewish leaders are looking to Jewish schools--and school vouchers--to ensure a thriving future for Judaism in America
by Michael Kress

A Meditation on the Sofer
A writer meditates on the role of the sofer--scribe--who ensures the continuity of vital Jewish texts.
by Holly J. Lebowitz

Jewish Athletes
Test your knowledge of Jews in sports with this quiz.

Who Wants to Marry the King of Persia?
On Purim, we remember an earlier version of the recent television special. Only this time, the ending is quite different
by Andrew Silow-Carroll

Mardi Gras with the Krewe du Jieux
Gold bagels, Jewish grandmothers, cool Klezmer--and no pork in sight
by Rodger Kamenetz

The Power to Madden
A "deceptively simple" documentary sheds light on one of the many who stood by as millions were killed in the Holocaust
by Arthur Magida

Changing the Face of American Judaism
Jews adopting nonwhite babies
By Debra Nussbaum Cohen

Jews and Baby Showers
Are they okay?
6/1/00by Adam Katz-Stone

A Small-Screen Roundup of Who's a (Female) Jew
Jewish women are featured prominently in television series more than ever this season
by Nora Lee Mandel

The Golem All Around Me
A self-described Golemologist returns to the city where this mythical creature ruled centuries ago--and still does today
By Rodger Kamenetz

Jewish Love Day
Who needs Valentine's Day, when there's Tu B'Av?
By Shmuley Boteach

Jews In Jail
Jews in America's prisons face discrimination and abandonment
by Rodger Kamenetz