How and when do you read the Qur'an?


How often do you pray?


Do you feel comfortable shaking hands/kissing friends of the opposite sex in greeting or when saying good-bye?


If your Muslim friend told you he is gay, you would:


During Ramadan, you...


Most of your friends are:


During political elections, you generally:


Would you marry a non-Muslim?


How do you feel about eating non-halal food?


How often do you attend juma'a prayer?


What do you think of Muslims who own establishments that sell alcohol?


Would you still marry someone if they had engaged in premarital sex?


How should we look at the divine books of Christians and Jews?


If you had to attend a company party and alcohol was being served, you would…


Hijab is:


Do you believe that it is haram to clap at any event?


Would you enroll your son/daughter in a Muslim school?


Is it inappropriate to have dancing or music at marriage ceremonies?


If you met Salman Rushdie in a dark alley, what would you do?


To whom do you turn for guidance on issues related to your faith?

Your result is:
Secular Muslim
You are a cultural or secular Muslim. You might identify yourself with the Muslim community, but like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, you have no problems with beer commercials. Islam provides you with more of a social setting or community than a set of religious beliefs. You may live by many of the basic principles of Islam, but you do not necessarily choose to attribute them to Islam. You are probably not too comfortable with many of the social restrictions often associated with Muslim organizations or societies.
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Your result is:
Spiritual Seeker
Ibn Battuta traveled the Muslim world looking for answers. Like this famous traveler, you are also looking for answers and have also found yourself wandering through the world of Islam. The spiritual realm of Islam particularly appeals to you. You probably toy with the idea of Sufism and may enjoy reading mystic poets such as Rumi or Hafez. For you, Islam is a state of being that leads to your ultimate connection to God through your submission to Him. Although Islam often guides you on many practical questions, you are more likely than not looking to connect to God and others on a more spiritual level. Many of the social regulations or rules of Islam may seem daunting and unnecessary. You continue to have questions, as well as faith.
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Your result is:
Progressive Muslim
You are a devout believer in God, and Islam is your direct path to Him. You understand Islam mainly through your intellect. You probably interpret Islam historically and might believe that ijtihad should be reopened. You have probably gone through years of questioning to come to the understanding of Islam that you have now. You might receive criticism for what are perceived as your open views.
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Your result is:
Traditional Muslim
You are steadfast in your religion. The Qur'an plays a role in your daily life as a Muslim. You also look to the sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) as a way to determine how to live your life. You are constantly aware of your religious beliefs and are likely to spend time thinking of the larger Muslim Ummah and how to create more unity within it.
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