While Muhammad was still in Jerusalem, he traveled to what is now the Dome of the Rock and ascended into the lowest heaven with the angel Gabriel. It was here that Muhammad met Adam, the first man, who spoke of his faith in Muhammad’s prophethood. Gabriel and Muhammad then entered the second heaven where Muhammad met the prophet John the Baptist. Muslim traditions simply refer to John as the Prophet John.

It was in this second heaven that Muhammad also met Jesus, in Islam known as the Messenger of God, Prophet Jesus and Jesus, son of Mary.

Gabriel then took Muhammad to the third heaven where he met Joseph, one of the 12 sons of Israel. In the fourth, fifth and sixth heavens, Muhammad met Idris who is commonly identified with the Christian Enoch, Moses’s brother Aaron and Moses himself, respectively. In the seventh heaven, the highest of all heavens, Muhammad met Abraham and was shown the al Bayt al-Mamoor, a house where 70,000 angels worship Allah each day.

Finally, Gabriel took Muhammad past the uppermost boundary of the seventh heaven and into the realm that contained Paradise and the Throne of Allah. It was here that Muhammad stood in the presence of Allah and was ordered to make sure that Muslims prayed five times a day. Muhammad then descended back through the heavens and spoke once more with Moses before returning to earth. There, Muhammad remounted al-Buraq and returned to Mecca where he told his followers of his miraculous journey.

Muhammad’s life was filled with extraordinary happenings. From his birth to his final sermon, the incredible events of his life are remembered by Muslims everywhere. Some events are celebrated and remembered by holidays or pilgrimages, but the miraculous revelation of the Quran is remembered every time a faithful Muslim reads or recites the same words Gabriel once spoke.