No Place in the U.S. Military
"As a Muslim and a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier and the son and grandson of American soldiers, I say, 'Muslims have no place in the US Military!' I just finished reading an email sent to me by a Muslim in the US Army, who happens to also be of Afghani descent. In it he reminded me of my advice, two years ago to not join the Army and my reasons why. He stated that he is faced with many personal conflicts, but more importantly the sense of betrayal and hyprocrisy he senses among his fellow soldiers. He stated that he is often reminded by fellow soldiers that this war is not against Afghan Muslims, but against "extremeism(sic) Islam," but on the other hand, he has to listen to jokes and comments that compromises the dignity of ALL Muslims.

"...He left an idealistic, patriotic American Muslim soldier, but was confronted by the reality that one can't be a soldier in support of man's law and be an advocate for Allah's Law. He learned, at his own personal expense, that in the US Military, that one signs away his/her constitutional rights and they are compelled to adopt the notion that they are AMERICAN first, Soldiers second and everything else after. This in itself contrasted with Islam serves as a major reasons why Muslims should not serve in the Military."


The number of Muslims in the armed forces has grown substantially since the Gulf War. In 1994, there were 2,701 Muslim on active duty.

Leaving Mercy for Allah
"As with many Americans who are Muslim, I'm an American, and my religion is Islam. That's it. Islam is my religion, it's not my country, lifestyle, or anything other than the way I believe in Allah. I'm an officer in the United States Army and I plan on remaining one until they make me retire, hopefully long in the future. I've fought alongside and with Muslims from other countries against Muslims from still, other countries and I expect I'll do it again. If they are enemies of the US, then they are enemies of mine. I hope Allah will treat them's our job, as American soldiers, to make sure that Allah gets that chance quickly. We're pretty good at making such arrangements and, as has been proven, we keep on getting better. Insh'Allah the day will comne when we do not have to prove it as often. Until then, i'll be doing my bit as an American soldier, who happens to be a Muslim."

We Didn't Start the Fire...
"I too am a Persian Gulf veteran. I too am Muslim. My unit (1st Cavalry Division) was tasked to seek and destroy the Republican Guard...We fought those soldiers hard, and they fought back hard. There were many deaths. Fortunately for us...all the deaths were on the other side. I have had to deal with dreams, anxiety, fear, depression, alcohol adn a wide array of other emotions over the past 11 years. By the Grace of Allah, everything is 'hunky-doory' now. It still hurts (I can't imagine what our Vietnam vets must have felt!) when I hear my fellow Muslims attack me/us for our military svc.

"I see it like this. No one likes home fires. But no one curses firefighters! We're like firefighters. They don't start fires, they just put them out. That fire may take the lives of families and the firefighters may not be able to save everyone. But no one curses the firefighter as he/she comes from the burning building. We (military) don't start the wars. We don't make the policy that designates who lives or dies. All we do is lay in our cots and wait for that call 2 AM to 'get your rear in gear'."


Today, 2,697 of the Muslims in the military are African American.

Other Opinions

Respect for Those Who Serve
"I feel nothing but respect for and pride of my Muslim brothers and sisters serving in the military. My hope is that peace will soon prevail, so that nobody--be they American, Afghani, Israeli, or Palestinian--dies...or has to live through the death of a loved one."