Dada gives this parting wisdom in our search for the Almighty: "Today and every day, turn back to God. Whatever you're seeking, you will get it if you turn back to God. Today, there is chaos, there is terrorism, anarchy, because there is spiritual bankruptcy. It is because we have thrown God out of educational institutions and homes that we are facing this difficult situation.

Turn back to God. Enter into a relationship with God. God is prepared to come to you in whatever relationship you want him to come to you. Tell him, 'You are my father, you are my mother, you are my friend, you are my brother, you are my master.' But you must develop some relationship with God. When a problem comes to you, you will go to leaders, bankers, doctors, the police, you will go everywhere, but you will not turn to God. A person who believes in God will first go to God."

Dada shares this story: " I went to an office, and the owner was sitting at a desk but there was a bigger chair and a bigger desk. I asked him, "Whose chair is this?" He said, "This is for my senior partner." I said, "Who is your senior partner?"

He said to me, "My senior partner is God. And, whenever I have a problem I cannot solve, I merely pass on the file to him, and I get the answer at the right time."

Then I asked him how much profit do you share with your senior partner? He said, "I share 10 percent. God is happy with 10%, but that amount is not to be ploughed back to business, it is to be spent for good causes as The Lord directs."

You can forge any relationship with God, that of a father, friend, a master. Dada says he has forged the relationship of a mother and child for himself. "God is my mother, I am her child," says Dada with an impish smile. " This relationship is really very useful and profitable. I entered into the other relationship too, with God as my father but I found it took very long. Fathers make you wait. The mother rushes to you immediately!"

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