"May our Almighty Lord and Savior, who taught us that He is with us always, hold, comfort, and deliver these seven astronauts, along with their families into eternal peace. May He give them eternal rest."
2/1/03 12:08

"May their souls be bound up in the spirit of life."
2/1/03 12:41

"Sweet Jesus, please be with the families and friends of those killed in this tragic event. Please be with them and comfort them, especially the Israeli family, who are far from home and have just been hurt very deeply.

'Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, giveth I unto you'- Jesus Christ"
2/1/03 13:28

"May the compassionate arms of Kannon hold the loved ones of the crew members and carry them through this time of grief. Homage to the Buddha, homage to the Dharma, homage to the Sangha."
2/1/03 13:46

"In the face of this tragedy, let us not forget to celebrate the spirit, love and commitment of the people who died so abruptly today. In group photos their faces shine with the joy of knowing that something they had dreamed of, something that most people will never have the opportunity or talent or courage to do, they DID. They did not die having lived 'unlived' lives, they did not die without having made a significant contribution to all of mankind.

I hope their families are comforted by this knowledge in the days to come.

May we all show such courage, love and commitment in our own lives today."
2/1/03 14:16

"In memory of Col. Ilan Ramon z"l - you have been an inspiration and a glimmer of hope for a better future to a whole country. Let us stand united in this time of mourning.Condolences to the families of all the courageous astronauts."
2/1/03 15:20

"I pray that Allah (swt) will bless the seven brave humans who died, and will comfort their families and friends in their time of need."
2/1/03 15:26

"My heart breaks today. I pray that god brings healing to the families of the astronauts and to the whole world as we mourn."
2/1/03 15:38

"Dear God, in the name of your son Jesus, I pray that you will receive the souls or the crew of this shuttle and lead them into your precious Heaven, and please give comfort and faith to their families. Amen"
2/1/03 18:06

"Both Judaism and Islam teach that the death of one human being is as the death of the whole world. The saving of a single life is the act of saving the whole world.

May the loss of seven who explored the mysteries of this life inspire us to continue to fulfill our mission - the never-ending quest for knowledge and truth."
2/1/03 20:23

"I suddenly found myself reliving the day 17 years ago when I found out about the Challenger disaster... 17 years ago I wrote to NASA asking to be the first kid in space, I received a letter telling me to wait until I grew up. Now I'm grown up and life has lead me into the medical and scientific fields, but i have never forgotten my dream. Today I relived the wrenching pain again. I can only offer my deepest sympathy to the families, friends and fellow workers of the Columbia. To the brave seven: I, like you, have always wanted to touch the stars, but you, unlike me, now are blessed to dwell among them. May God bless and keep your loved ones and provide NASA with the wisdom to understand and correct the cause of this accident, may He give them peace."
2/1/03 21:25

"Adonay natan, ve'Adonay lekah; yehi shem Adonay me'vorakh. ('The Eternal has given, the Eternal has taken away, blessed be the Name of the Eternal.')

May it be Your will, O God, to provide eternal rest and peace to the souls of Mission Commander Rick Husband, Pilot William McCool, Payload Commander Michael Anderson, Mission Specialist David Brown, Mission Specialists Laurel Clark, former combat pilot Col. Ilan Ramon and Indian-born Kalpana Chawla.
Help them pass gently to the World to Come; enfold them with love."
2/2/03 00:26

"Today my 6-year-old son found out what the word hero means. To all the families thank you for giving us your best, our prayers are with you now and always."
2/2/03 00:46