In response, NASA is developing an asteroid re-direct mission that may reveal how we can change the path of these planet-killing space rocks. Until we’re successful at that, however, the Biblical prophecy of the “huge mountain blazing with fire” might just be the way our world goes out.


Finally, scripture and science agree wholeheartedly on this one—war is the most likely, and most immediate, cause of the apocalypse.

Chris warns of “wars and rumors of wars” in Matthew 24:6, and Revelation is packed with references to human warfare, and its devastating consequences. There are allusions to the sun and stars being darkened in Revelation 8:12. There is imagery of trees and grass being burned up in Revelation 8:7. There is described the deaths of everything living thing in the sea in Revelation 16:3

All of these are also the results of large-scale nuclear war.

Computer models show what Earth might be like after such a war. A team of four U.S. atmospheric and environmental scientists have modeled what will happen after a limited nuclear engagement—the effects include a global drop in temperature, the release of 5 megatons of black carbon into the atmosphere, decreased atmospheric UV protection, and mass starvation.

That’s speaking nothing of the radiation poisoning of air, land, and water around each explosion.

The darkness, nuclear winter, and poisoned environment following a large-scale nuclear war would certainly fit right in with Biblical predictions of the end of the world.

The End of the Chapter, Not the Story

While science is perfectly capable of predicting and describing the end of human history, only scripture can pick up from there. And it does, ensuring us that there will be hope after all is gone—the end of our world is only the beginning of a new and better one as God remakes all of creation.

But in the end, science and faith agree—the end is coming. The question is only how and when.