Those of us who have come to Christ in faith are guilty of His blood, shed on the cross for us. He died to pay the penalty of our sins (Romans 5:8). Jesus’ death on a cross reminds us of not only of our sin, but it also reminds us of His love for us. The resurrection ended the separation between us and God that sin had created. As Christians, we believe that Jesus will come again and those who have died in the faith are now with the Lord and those of us who are alive will join our Heavenly King and be a part of the kingdom that has no end. We have glorious hope in Christ through the power of His resurrection. We are offered a joyous message that He is not dead, He is risen. What a strength to know that because of His resurrection, God has promised us the power of forever life too – and it doesn’t start when we die. It started the moment we placed our faith in Jesus.