That’s what I hope to do.”

In Conclusion: A Man of Two Worlds

One idea was clear after speaking to Rev. Feital: it has never been more important for the Christian Church to reach out to the world  and make itself relevant in its message. It should model peace and present the world with a rhythm that is counter-cultural, and an alternative to help people to find meaning, healing and comfort. Rev. Feital proposes a shift: in the past the church has been historically known as patron to the arts, whereas now he wishes the Church to be seen as patron to the artist.

But most of all, he wants others to know that the Church's mission is to understand and empathize with whoever may be hurting.

As a man who deeply understands the subtle language of fashion just as well as the intricacies of spirituality and Christian theology, Rev. Feital is quite likely the most qualified member of the clergy to reach out to the glamorous world of fashion. The man known as the “Red Carpet Curate" has just the right combination of education, theological training, and style to make a big splash as both minister and fashion expert, and stands to begin rebuilding the bridge between faith and culture.

Where art reveals the soul of man, Rev. Feital wants to begin healing it. This is important. When the Church engages culture in a way that heals, comforts, and cures, it fulfills a major part of its mission to, as Christ said, “love one another.”

It is in Rev. Feital’s parting words that we see this connection, and the sincere love he holds for London’s—and the world’s—creatives.

“I know this is something unorthodox for a vicar to say, but I will say it anyway. I’ve been in and out of many, many churches, and I felt really empty being there, and sometimes a little bit bored, too—until the day that I discovered, for myself, that God is a source of creativity, of energy, of light.

My world was turned upside down as I was looking at some beautiful works of art that made me feel alive again. And I just want to say to creatives: I feel alive because of you."