What kind of Christian are you? Does your faith resemble Joel Osteen? Billy Graham? Bishop Spong?

Answer these 21 questions on what you believe about the Bible, Jesus, prayer, and more, and discover your Christian identity. We don’t guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the results, but we promise you’ll have much to discuss with friends—and that you’ll be inspired to deepen your faith.


The Bible is...


The first two chapters of Genesis are...


The historical portions of the Old Testament are...


I became a Christian when...


The four gospels...


Which statement describes your view of Jesus' parables?


Jesus considered himself the unique Son of God.


Jesus looked like...


Jesus' friends would have described him as...


If I had to pick the verse that best summarizes Jesus' message, it would be...


Jesus' message was primarily...


For Jesus, the kingdom of God was...


Jesus was executed...


The resurrection was...




My favorite translation of the Bible is...


What do you believe about the United States of America?


What is the best way to pray?


When God looks at our lives, what does he care about the most?


What will happen when you die?


What will happen to people of other faiths when they die?

Your result is:
A Joel Osteen Christian

A.k.a. a T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Kirbyjon Caldwell Christian. Your Christianity emerged with Norman Vincent Peale and Oral Roberts. You subscribe to Charisma and enjoy worshipping in large settings with lively music. You are part of the fastest-growing category of Christian believers today; you fill up the largest churches in the United States, such as Lakewood Church.

Want more? See our complete coverage of Joel Osteen. Watch a trailer for a T.D. Jakes movie. Read an article on overcoming worry by Joyce Meyer. Read an interview with Kirbyjon Caldwell.

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Your result is:
A Billy Graham Christian

A.k.a. a Rick Warren, Beth Moore Christian. Your Christianity emerged with John Calvin and Martin Luther, and was refined in America by D.L. Moody and Carl F.H. Henry. You subscribe to Christianity Today and read Karen Kingsbury and Ted Dekker novels. You've taken the Love Dare. Or not—this category of evangelical Christian is broad and diverse, but is held together by classic evangelical theology, including a high view of scripture and the emphasis on a personal relationship with Jesus.

Want more? Read about Billy Graham. Watch our interview with Rick Warren. See American Idol's Mandisa explain why Beth Moore is her role model.

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Your result is:
A Bishop John Shelby Spong Christian

A.k.a. a Marcus Borg, Karen Armstrong Christian. Your Christian history begins with the Gospel of Thomas, or at least you'd like to include any and all ancient reports on Jesus in your understanding of the Christian savior. Some people call you a "mainline" Christian, which is an odd moniker since "mainline" is simply shorthand for historic denominational Christianity in America. But for several decades, mainliners like you have not identified with evangelical Christianity and have incorporated liberal theological concepts into the practice of the faith.

Watch video with Bishop John Shelby Spong. Read about Karen Armstrong's Charter for Compassion. Visit the Progressive Revival blog.

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Your result is:
A Brian McLaren Christian

A.k.a. a Rob Bell, Phyllis Tickle, N.T. Wright, Tim Keller, Eugene Peterson Christian. You subscribe to Sojourners or Relevant...or, more likely, Rolling Stone, Paste and The Atlantic. (And maybe even Geez!) Your Christian history is rooted in St. Francis, who leads (through Gandhi) to Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. You emphasize social justice as an element of God's kingdom. You might be "emergent" or "progressive," but you're probably post-evangelical.

Want more? Watch videos with Brian McLaren. See Rob Bell on the resurrection. Read Phyllis Tickle's Lent blog. Read our interview with N.T. Wright.

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