The Days of ’47 Rodeo is another major Pioneer Day event, and includes spectacles like steer wrestling, barrel racing, and bull riding, and is televised by the CBS Sports Network.

Finally, the Days of ’47 Concert is a huge musical event that features the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, as well as various award-winning guest artists.

Pioneer Day isn’t just a day to revel and remember, however—it is also a day to plan for the future. Church leaders remind all Mormons to retain the pioneering spirit which has borne aloft the Mormon community since its inception.

On this day, Mormon youth are reminded look up to the admirable qualities seen in the Mormon pioneers of the 1800s, so that they might emulate these qualities, forging their own paths in a world that may not always be hospitable to their beliefs.

Whatever you may personally believe, those original Mormon pioneers helped to carve out and shape an important part of our nation, laying the groundwork for a unique and thriving modern-day culture.