The Old Testament books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy provide great details about the great hero of the faith. We quickly recognize Moses for delivering the Israelites out of slavery, and his desire to reach the Promised Land. While many of us are familiar with Moses, there are some facts many Christians don’t know about his background that are important. Test your knowledge of Moses with this trivia quiz.

How many biological siblings did Moses have?


Which line of Israel’s family bore Moses?


Who found Moses in the basket as a baby?


What did God tell Moses to do before approaching the burning bush?


Why did Moses kill the Egyptian?


Where did Moses flee from being punished for the killing of the Egyptian?


What was Moses’ concern about his ability to lead the children of Israel?


Who was Moses’ wife?


Through which body of water did the children of Israel pass safely?


When Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness, which of these things did God NOT give them for nourishment?


Moses died before he reached what land that he was leading His people to?


How old was Moses when he died?

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