After all of that, what do you think? Are the gospels real? Is there ‘hard’ proof that gospels are valid? We’ll never know. Historians and theologians can search for all of the proof out there, but there will always be a counter argument (or discussion) to their reasoning – and you know, that’s life. Christians must evaluate all of the pieces and identify their own beliefs based on the research. The ambiguity that lies within the constant discussion keeps the gospels at the top of conversations and provides a bigger platform for appreciation as well.

What can we do as Christians? We can continue to educate ourselves. We can continue to read our Bibles and reread the gospels. We can continue to open our minds and identify where various interpolations exist. To answer the question, yes, we have proof that the gospels are true. But, there are so many elements to the arguments of the people who do not agree.