Peter was a fisherman and I know many fishermen. They look humble and rude in the outside but they are some of the wisest people I ever met. Always hard working, they don’t fear taking on a big, dangerous task. They are ready to face just about any kind of threat or enemy and they have their own fighting and survival skills. They, and even the humblest of them, know how to manage a medium sized boat, know all the tricks to store and preserve their fish and the food they need for long fishing trips. Well, who doesn’t? Modern boats have it all right? No, I was talking about 70’s fishermen. As far as I remember there were almost no electronic or digital perks on their boats. Just an old battery powered radio. No cell phones, no satellite phones, no tv signal, videogames, fancy freezers, nothing… Yes, there was a time when cell phones didn’t exist, believe it or not…

Fishermen know how to manage people and especially being with a few rude guys for weeks in the same boat, they learn to be understanding, forgiving, always cheerful and ready to cheer up others who feel homesick… These are just a few skills I saw in my fishermen friends.

So, when I read about Peter being a dumb, rude, stupid, uneducated man and how Jesus suddenly changed him into a smart preacher, I think this perception is far from the truth. Yes, he denied Jesus, which was one of his biggest failures. Yes, he was a little foul mouthed. He was also a hypocrite, as Paul called him later, but, Jesus didn’t choose a guy using some sort of "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" game. He knew Peter very well and because He knew him, He chose him. God does not choose you and me just by random luck. He knows us, we may have a few failures in our records, but we can learn from Joseph, Job, Moses, Gideon and Peter that despite weakness and failure, we can be used mightily by our all-powerful God, because He knows us and He is willing to discuss and debate with us his plans and his reasons for calling us.

I know other folks from the bible that can be an example for us of success after failure. Stay tuned. We will write about them soon.