"I can’t forgive until they pay for what they did."

We carry so much hurt around with us because we buy into the lie that we can’t forgive someone until they pay for their actions. It seems to make sense, but in the end it only hurts us. That pain and unforgiveness that we can’t let go of until “they pay” becomes the seeds of bitterness that will lodge themselves deep inside our souls and become a cancer inside of us. If we hold to our own twisted logic of forgiveness rather than embracing the truth that Scripture teaches about forgiveness, anger and bitterness will destroy everything good in our lives. You can think of a person right now whose life has been eaten away by bitterness and unforgiveness. It never hurts the offender as much as it hurts the one who can’t forgive. Unforgiveness is a slug that will destroy your soul.

Now in his late 20s, Sam Ballard will never experience the normal life he always expected, all because of a simple dare. As a friend recounted for the press, the decision to swallow the slug happened in a split second. Someone saw the slug and dared Sam to swallow it. Sam immediately took the dare because he thought he was invincible. Like Sam, you may think you’re invincible and immune from deadly lies. But all it takes is a split second for a falsehood or deception to slip past your defenses and lodge itself in your world, planting roots and wreaking havoc in every area of your life.