Some Christians worry about incorporating Eastern practices-like yoga-into their lives. Are there spiritual practices you have that you think dovetail with your Christianity?

Well, meditation, for one. I believe it's not really just a Hindu idea. Jesus himself talked about prayer and meditation. Anything that brings you closer to the Lord, what's wrong with that?

When you were in the movie "The Rookie," you talked about the spirituality of baseball. I know you're active with golf. Is there a spirituality of sports?

With golf, I know it's about your inner self. You always bump up against what you'd like to be and the reality of what you are. It's a test, a journey. You find out a lot about yourself and other people you play with, who they really are, by playing golf. You have conversations, you see how you react to adversity. It's great.

You do charity work in Central America. Could you tell us more about that?

Yes, I work with the International Hospital for Children. We're based, coincidentally, in New Orleans. I've worked with them for the past 20 years. Mostly what we do is go down to Central America--I've been down to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Belize. We identify children who need medical attention and operations they can't get in their own country and we bring that to the United States and get doctors to donate surgical time, and hospitals to donate rooms, to get them back to health.

We built several clinics in outlying areas of these countries, where they had basically no medical care.

It can be pretty discouraging when natural disasters wipe out years of work in countries like that. How can people who, like you, work in charities cope with this?

Well, we all have to keep putting one step in front of the other. My philosophy is, you save one child at a time. That what it's about. Keep on doing it. Jesus himself said, "You will always have your poor" and downtrodden, but that didn't stop him.

There's a lot of rebuilding with charity work. You've also talked about rebuilding your acting career-and about rebuilding your personal life after your divorce from Meg Ryan. What helps you find the energy and motivation to rebuild when you see something's been destroyed or shaken?

Dennis Quaid on how faith helped him rebuild his life
When your life gets torn apart like that, in a way it's like losing your identity because you identify with all these things you've been so accustomed to. You're kind of stripped bare. In adversity, that's when one's faith comes in very handy, that's all I can say. One of the reasons for having a spiritual life is when things happen in life that you can't handle, if you have faith in God, that's a strength there that one can draw upon to get you through.

I've since gotten remarried-married to a wonderful Texas girl. We have a great life together.

Is she religious as well?

Yes, she grew up Baptist herself-even went to a Baptist high school.

Do you find yourself returning even more to your religious roots?

It's always been there, to tell you the truth, and it's really nice to have someone to share that with.