You're friends with Gen. Jerry Boykin. Isn't your message similar to his-he wants people to be warriors for God's kingdom?

Yes, and of course that's what makes us friends. We met years ago, at some sort of military meeting at some university, and we just connected. And then somehow or other, later, we met again and became fine, fast friends.

Then two years ago the hubbub came along about his speaking in churches, and so I lived through it with him. And by the way, he was totally exonerated. Such a tragedy, but he is such a great man of God, as well as a great American hero. He's probably the most decorated American soldier on active duty today. We're so, so fortunate to have a great man like him out there, and I sleep better knowing that.

Do you believe his work is a parallel to what you're talking about-that he's a warrior for the United States and a warrior for Christ?

I can't put words in his mouth, but I think that he believes he lives his life in a way that would please the Lord-and to do that in a way, that would make him a victorious spiritual war fighter, as well as a victorious military war fighter.

Why do you think his speeches were misunderstood?There are people and forces out there who randomly, maybe on a slow news day, try to find something to say, and if you get caught by it, then you're left to pick up the pieces while they ramble on down the road.

Do you think it's also because these views are hard for people to understand?

Which views?

The idea of spiritual warfare-that's pretty foreign to non-evangelicals and non-Christians.

I'm aware this military theme is out there today, with the controversy and concern about our soldiers and our troops. I've tried to weave that in my book for the sake of illustration. But that is just a thread in the book-its main point is to explain how to move from a defensive posture to an intentional posture to win. Hopefully this will cause people to ask-Is the devil this bad? I can assure you, there are lost people who'll read that part about the scratching, biting, ear-tearing-off, and they will understand that language. I can assure you I will get letters from somebody who will say, "I am an example of this. I have had this happen to my own family, my own marriage, my own life."


Because I get them here at church. I mean, I didn't just have a dream and write this book-that's come out of my experiences of 40 years now, dealing with people. I'm sure there will be Christians who think this is too strong or too stout. What I'm praying is that whoever reads it will think about it. And if they have any ears on them and if they're honest, they will agree that there is a force and a power that can tear you apart in your relationships, in your peace of mind. I want to offer to them my belief that there is a force out there that is even more powerful than that, that can bring you forgiveness, peace, whole happiness, salvation, grace, and an eternity of joy.

I understand that your Faith Force Multiplier program is an example of using these kinds of strategies. Can you explain what that is?

It's a highly effective method to discover ministry needs in the community and then move in and try to meet those needs. Sometimes it ends up being evangelism. You pass the faith on to others; you equip and train others to do likewise. Of course, that is simply what we call New Testament discipleship. But it is also "force-multiplying." Force means the organization, the crowd, the group. Through the years, my wife and I have tried to multiply the force in the Welch household through our children. Now we're watching our children multiply the force through our grandchildren.

Meaning the force of Christians in America?

Yeah, that's right. And what we stand for and what we believe and how we can keep our family protected from the devil and his ultimate goal against our kids and our grandkids and our marriages and our homes.

But the church has a far more dynamic way of doing that because it starts with a larger base of members, and that's one of the things we're missing today in so many of our churches-there is really no hard-core, regimented training and equipping of the saints. No football team or army can win, doing with their team what most churches do with theirs.

Imagine a football team where the coach showed up for an hour and a half a week and says, "Here, I got this book of plays, I think we're going to have a great game.

I want to say a few things to get you excited. Now take this play book and go win." It's unthinkable. And it's unthinkable that we're going to win as a Christian community if the churches do not teach their people how to multiply the force that can rise above Satan and engage in spiritual war fighting.

It's interesting that you use term "force multiplier" because that's a military term. So you're really making a literal connection in your battle against Satan.