--seattlegirl"Go on a retreat. Before I stepped foot back into a church, I went on retreats. The retreat center doesn't care if you attended mass or not, that's not the point. A retreat helps a person reconnect within his or her own center, the place where God would really like to talk to you. There is also spiritual direction too. Basically you find someone to walk with you on this journey. Doubt is part of the journey and it takes time to work things out."

--sharonrose"Faith is like love"
"I've come to accept, though, that my faith is like love. Whenever you first find someone, there is a lot of excitement, and the whole world is on your side. While this can last for several years, eventually the excitement and newness wears off. I think this is where many married couples decide to call it quits. What they don't understand is that the love is still there; it just feels a little different than it did at first. I think the same is true with faith. You just have to keep pressing on with this marriage like you would with a marriage to another person. It's a relationship, and all relationships need work, regardless of how you feel about them."


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