Vicki Thorn sees the need for the pro-life movement to be more proactive. She is founder and executive director of Project Rachel, a Milwaukee-based national program to train priests and therapists to help heal post-abortion trauma.

Having worked in the movement for 30 years, first as a crisis pregnancy counselor, then on the diocesan level and with a right-to-life group, Thorn is convinced pro-life activists have succeeded in proving the humanity of the unborn.

Now, she thinks the movement should get behind "family-friendly" work policies that will support families and added that in this area "there is a possibility for some inroads now" with the Bush administration.

Thorn also thinks Project Rachel and other programs that deal with post-abortion trauma are only going to continue to flourish.

When she founded her program 16 years ago, post-abortion healing was virtually nonexistent. Now Project Rachel is in over 144 dioceses.

"There are significant things happening behind the scenes," she said, pointing to the growing number of women who are seeking out post-abortion counseling.

She said in recent years there has been "an incredible growing awareness that abortion aftermath is real," and that even if Roe v. Wade were overturned, post-abortion counseling work would continue for decades.

"It's not about changing the law," she said of the future work for the pro-life movement. "It's about changing the country."