What are some of your favorite pieces in the exhibition?

Among so many treasures, it’s very hard to choose the best. That extraordinary 40-foot scroll, running from Adam and Eve through Abraham and the Prophets right up to the French Kings and our own Henry IV? The magnificently-decorated Korans from Iran? The Torah Scroll through the Book of Ruth, with its wonderful calligraphy and the grisly story of the sons of Haman? The maps of Jerusalem, showing its centrality to these faith traditions, and reminding us of the urgent need to address its challenges today?

If I had to choose just one, it would be the Gospel lectionary, with Clovio’s picture of the Sermon on the Mount. It is a transcendent painting of that defining moment in the world’s history. And it reminds me of the night “Three Faiths” opened, when it and other pictures were projected onto the front of the NYPL, and so many passers-by stopped to capture the image on their cameras. I hope they and many others get to go inside that great building, and share these and other delights in the months ahead.